Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes: Reaction

Well look at me, back to back entries, how cool am I?

I was mostly pleased with the results read at the 67th Golden Globe awards, and was very pleased with the Globes' first-ever host, Ricky Gervais. Ricky was, of course, Ricky...but NBC had to expect it.  They also should have expected the endless amounts of jokes at their expense, since that is exactly what those letters have become.

Jokes were a big part of last night's ceremony, which I appreciate.  Most coming from Gervais, who continued the fake-hatred he and Steve Carell share for each other. And, since the Globes is, after all, 'the party of the year', Ricky was not afraid to bring his beer to the podium with him. Perhaps my favorite part of the show is when he said: "Honestly, I like a drink as much as the next man...unless the next man is Mel Gibson" and out walked Mel with a clear 'Alright, that was a good one' expression on his face.  Cheers to Mel for taking it in stride...not that he had much of a choice.

But now, let's get to what the ceremony was really about: the awards.

As I said, I'm mostly pleased.  Despite getting snubbed for Best Drama Series, 'Dexter' took home the two categories it really deserved: John Lithgow for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Michael C. Hall for "Best Actor in a Drama Series". Despite the head covering, my beloved Michael showed no outward signs of his cancer, which was made public only one day before.  (For those of you who did not know about that, its not your fault, he has been trying to keep it quiet, and word is that the disease (Hodgkin's) is in remission.)  That being said, i can't be upset that 'Mad Men' won, after all, i did give it a 'Should Win' yesterday, didn't I?  I was also in love with the fact that Jeff Bridges won, and that he was greeted with a surprise standing ovation.  "You're really messin' up my under-rated status, here." he remarked. 

Sure, I was wrong in a few places, but no where that I particularly minded. That is...until Hollywood continued its 'Let's snub Quentin' tradition. I mean, ok, he is not the only one who deserved Best Director/Best Drama Picture, I would have been ok with Reitman or even Bigelow...but Cameron?!  I shouted in disgust after picking my jaw off the floor.

And I let everyone have their fun with 'Avatar'.  I understand the meaning of a blockbuster!  I enjoy them as much as the next movie goer. But when people started asking me what I thought of it, I was never that critical, and held back to only giving a 'Meh, it was ok." verbal review.

This is what I get for being nice to an 'ok' movie.

And before I go any further, yes, I enjoyed it.  Did I understand its hype before I saw it?  No.  After I saw it? No.  Did it look spectacular? Yes. Do i appreciate what the film has done in the world of film technology? Of course. After all, 'Citizen Kane' was the same sort of thing in its day, and it got robbed of the Oscar in one of the biggest outrages in movie history.

I'm also a Science Fiction fan.  I grew up on Star Wars since dippers days.  So it goes without saying that i'm glad the genre is getting some serious recognition...just not for the film that's leading the way.

Technology aside, 'Avatar' (or AV-UH-DA, as Arnold said), was just 'O.K', which is a much nicer word than what it means: mediocre.

First lets talk about acting.  Sure, Sigourney was great in the role she's played her whole life. Stephen Lang was absolutely perfect (there are reasons he is the Artistic Director of The Actor's Studio, you know).  But that doesn't go too far when your lead actors are bland. Mr. Worthington, sure ya did alright, i suppose, but nothing to clap over. (Not to mention it appears you will be playing the same role this summer in 'Clash of the Titans'...huh.) And because of this lackluster performance, its hard to judge Zoe Saldana properly, since almost all of her screen time is shared with him.

The writing was nothing to shout about either. The plot of this movie was more than predicable. Lets face it, Disney even did this plot (I don't think i need to mention in which movie(s).) it also did not appear that Cameron made any script adjustments from when he wrote it in the '90s. (See use of the word 'numbnuts'.)

As for Cameron, I guess I'll give in to him winning Director.  After all, Scorsese finally got an Oscar for a movie that didn't really deserve is...but it was time, i suppose, and the same argument can win here.

Not Best Drama.
I mean, come on!  Again "Inglorious Basterds", "Up in the Air" and "Precious" and "The Hurt Locker"?!  I expected any of those to win! the movies the critics didn't go "Meh." to!


Well, i can look on the bright side.  At least it wasn't The Oscars.

Any way, I should have a review of Stephen King's 'Under the Dome' later this week as I race towards it's finish, as well as my dream cast for the book's upcoming miniseries adaptation.


  1. It was sort of obvious it was going to be Cameron; I mean, he did proxy himself in there by waiting 13 years and being the first to use that technology to make the movie.

  2. You'll be pleased to find that nothing from Avatar was nominated for the SAG awards. I might have to disagree with your opinion on Sigourni's lack of variety though.

  3. I think Avatar won Best Drama not only because of it's special effects--which were incredibly well done--but because of it's obvious eco-friendly message. Having seen it myself, I walked out of the theater having enjoyed myself during the movie (and I found myself reacting to the action on screen more so than other movies) and pleased with the experience, but I didn't feel myself overwhelmed with awe after watching it. Having said that, I feel that I am in the minority. There must be something said for the impact that the movie has had on its audience; there have been reports that people have become depressed after viewing Avatar because after their 3 hour escape to Pandora they have to go back to their less enchanting reality. I am not a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press and I don't know how their make their choices, but I don't think that the other nominees had as large an impact on the their audiences as Avatar, and I'm sure that had to be something they took into consideration. But hey, there's always the Oscars to look forward to.

  4. Also; you do know that Avatar was first a book right?