Monday, May 24, 2010

Initial Reactions to The End

Well, if there's anything that we've learned from this final episode of Lost, it is this:

Vincent was everyone's favorite character.

However, one of the happiest moments of the episode, for me, was the appearance of one of my favorite characters, who i feel has been mostly forgotten over the course of the show: Boone.

I will make another post tomorrow describing my theories about The Finale after I've had a good day to think about it. Because that is not what I am relishing in right now.  Right now I'm relishing something else: the memories.

I remember, the night we saw Christian Shepard standing across the beach from Jack, I came upstairs and sat at my desk, and I looked out my bedroom door and I thought I saw a man in a suit standing at the other side of the hallway.  I remember jumping clear out of my seat, and being scared of the dark for the week that followed.

I remember drawing an equation of the Numbers, figuring out some theory that has long since left my mind, on Mr. DeSantis' blackboard during a study hall.

I remember when i saw the first ad for the show and I said: 'Looks like a great TV Movie, I don't know how they'll make it last.'

I remember the chills I got when I heard the phrase "It's been playing on a loop for sixteen years".  And when I heard that "We're the good guys, Michael".  I remember when i cried: When charlie died, When Desmond Called Penny, When Alex was shot, and I'm sure a few more.

I remember being blown away by what was in the Hatch...and that there were more. I couldn't even hope to list the other times I was blown away.

I remember when I thought Vincent was Jacob.  I remember when I thought Vincent was the Smoke Monster.

Yes, I remember the brief period in which I thought the Monster may be a dinosaur.

I will always remember Lost.  It is, without a doubt, the break-through show on Television of the last decade. It re-created ABC's reputation. It turned has-beens into Superstars. It made each episode feel like a movie.

And that is exactly what the finale felt like.  The movie that capped it off.

Those of you who loved it, go to sleep. Enjoy it, relish in it.  Just stay off your computer, don't let the other side spoil the night.  Those of you who hated it.  Good for you, enjoy your opinions, don't rain on everyone else's parade.

I just wish I could see how Hurley and Ben ran the Island...but we can talk about all that tomorrow. Get some sleep, dry your tears, and I'll come back tomorrow and try to break this thing down a bit. But for right now, I'm taking my own advice, and enjoying this moment. Goodnight all, see you tomorrow.

"I have seen the Heart of this Island...and it is good."-John Locke

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