Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Amazing Spider-Man" Review

Yes, friends, I've returned once more, and as most of you have probably picked up on by now, for every six-month absence I take I typically come back with a new format for this little Blogger account, so here we go with this one. Once again I'll attempt to write here more often but as I am desperately attempting to finish my two-year saga that is my play "Thick as Thieves", as well work through my summer reading list, I suppose we shall see just how successful I am.

But review (spoilers included):

The title "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a fantastic way to describe this reboot versus Sam Raimi's original trilogy.  While I maintain that "Spider-Man 2" is one of the best good ol' fashioned superhero movies there is, this re-imagining goes well beyond a simple action movie and easily claims the title of best Spidy Film to date.

Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker is much closer to the version I always imagined from the comic books, whereas McGuire's was definitely set in a fading '90s style. It worked well for movies, but didn't capture the character at all. Garfield's Parker kept the nerd, but added the wit and whimsical nature everyone loved about the character. Parker works best as an unpopular Marty McFly. Even as the character became more tortured and hardened as the film drew to a close, it remained in-tact to the comic character's true nature, and always stayed in the developmental stage. Ending the film without a complete 'origin story' was the only way to truly appreciate Parker's journey.

The film didn't rush anything. No intro for Norman Osborn. No Daily Bugle. I assume at least the latter will come in the second of "at least three" films, as the official statement says. I loved the pacing of the film. It felt long and short at the same time and the writing was spot on. Although I was expecting Uncle Ben's signature phrase of "with great power comes great responsibility" to make an appearance, I assume it was cut for its horrendous over-usage in the three previous films. A paraphrased version was worked in there, brilliantly hidden by the always wonderful Martin Sheen.

But honestly, the casting department knocked this one out of the park. Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Rhys Ifans as Lizard/Dr. Connors...everyone was terrific.

My only complaint is the over-usage of CGI. Although I despise wasn't bad in this one, but they slapped me in the face with graphics. I understand for a lot of the shots it was a necessity, but at some points it got a little annoying.  Although, one could argue the graphics do add a certain 'comic strip' feel to the film, I would retort that more often than not it didn't work, at least not to it's full capacity.

But aside from that, I really have no complaints about this one at all, and am already excited to see the next one. Speaking of which...

As for that credits scene (an apparent standard for all Marvel films) it is a little hard to guess who the mystery figure who knows 'the truth about [Parker's] father' is.  The series is clearly diverting from the traditional Spiderman plot, so it makes it harder to judge. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin seems like an obvious choice, since he seems to know Connors well. But in a recent interview Ifans said that it was "definitely not Norman Osborn". So there goes that. It is pretty clear they are setting up Green Goblin to act in the trilogy what he should have been in the first films: Spider-Man's archenemy...not the first villain to go. Personally, I'd like to see him be introduced late in 2, and be the focus of the third film...but we'll see. Since he worked with Connors in this new plot, it could be Morbius, but more likely it is someone who is much better known like Vulture...especially with the way his voice sounded.

So those are my villain predictions: Vulture...maybe Morbius, but unlikely...he isn't well-known enough. I'd love to say Kingpin, but he wasn't nearly fat enough. Perhaps the last film will be a Kingpin-Goblin double feature?!  Of course, I suppose they need to work Venom in there... hopefully they'll do him right this time.
The Shadowy figure at the end of "The Amazing Spider-man"

Then again...there's always Mysterio.

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  1. Carnage, please let it be Carnage...
    I have yet to see this one, but I am psyched.